Contact North

Currently underway in BC

In conjunction with the Contact North BC project, this pilot (Phase 1) seeks to build a case for continued funding of tutoring support (Phase 2). 

Phase 1 (January 1 to March 31, 2021)

  1. Provide live online on-demand 24/7 tutoring support for up to 500 high school, university and college students in a breadth of subject areas spanning the social sciences, humanities (including English writing support), STEM, business and general high school upgrading.
  2. Provide, via an online tutoring platform capable of live video interaction and whiteboard capabilities.
  3. Minimum of two hours of tutoring available each week per student for the period designated as Phase 1.
  4. Assist local education providers to market and raise awareness of the service in all participating communities in northern British Columbia.
  5. Collect student use data and direct student feedback via surveys.
  6. Prepare a comprehensive (qualitative and quantitative) exit report demonstrating the value and positive impact of the tutoring service on students (e.g. retention, performance, increased sense of support, etc.) organized by student types.

Phase 2 (Sept 2021 – April 2022). Goals

  1. Improved student education outcomes
  2. Employment of senior students as tutors
  3. Enhanced education choices among students
  4. A significant student-tutor network to drive employment success and economic recovery

Success will be measured by:

  • Student participation, including persistence in use and the following performance measures:
  • Numbers of students accessing the tutoring support from within the pilot communities.
  • Student satisfaction enabled by access to tutoring help
  • Increases in completion rates
  • Improved learner experiences

2. The Socio-demographic Outcome of diversity of use

3. The Customized Intermediate and Long-term Outcomes of:

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Graduate employment success