Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion (EDI)

We are universally and fully committed to the principles of EDI. In fact, our core work is to resolve current models of inequity, which largely avail advanced learning supports to only the wealthy and privileged, and deeply disadvantage others. Our core mission is to avail ALL students opportunities for enhanced learning and success by eliminating the biases and barriers associated with family of origin, place of birth/residence, socio-economic status, and social ties. Our unified goal is to support learning and the development of occupational identity, skills and social capital, with a focus on communities and populations that have previously been excluded, including rural/remote communities, the North, and our Indigenous communities, both urban and rural/remote. Our collective vision is to practice a model of EDI that endeavors to not only include, but to approach problem solving through the convergence of diverse perspectives and diverse world views. To this end, we actively seek diversity as a base of capacity.

The disparities of access described above are further advanced among populations that are geographically isolated and socio-culturally distinct from the mainstream. Operating on a technology platform, our projects are positioned to support and provide opportunities to all students equally, including:

  1. Traditional learners
  2. The most vulnerable learners in the system
  3. Those historically not part of the system at all

As learners utilize the project’s support technologies to successfully advance their education/skills development, and become clear about their occupational identity, they will find themselves on a flatter playing field than ever. 

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