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We can match you with real companies related to your course. Together you can integrate project-based work into your curriculum, allowing your students to meaningfully apply their learning to real world needs, and also open doors for your students to access internship programs. Register below to participate.

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You can offer participation or bonus marks in your course to your students who complete, for example, work integrated learning (WIL) projects. See 4 minute video below for details. Register below to participate.

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Confusion on a Disrupted Landscape

We are observing unpreceded disruptions in the education and employment landscape. There is growing confusion among students grappling to understand the future of employment and the essential education choices to be made today to succeed in that future.

Education Support Ecosystem

Q&A is an ecosystem of innovative education support tools poised to interact synergistically to position ALL students to succeed in their studies and to make optimum choices toward their long-term professional aspirations.


We are focused on future-facing education support systems that help students bridge the divide between their present circumstances and their future desired state.

We are supporting our education and employment sectors to develop innovative and resilient professionals for a new landscape of future possibilities in Canada.

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Are you responsible for the success of students (learning communities)? On-demand live on-line services have redefined many sectors, but the education sector lags in this category. Yet, more than ever, students are at risk of under-performing and are confused by the rapidly changing employment landscape. The impacts are greatest on those who may be economically, geographically or temporally isolated from learning supports. This is the time to act. 

The Q&A ecosystem brings together innovative and future-facing learning and networking support services that offer high-impact interventions. Q&A can help by working with you and your available resources to customize appropriate measures, onboard the tech-solutions needed, synergize their interactions and help you navigate to your desired outcomes.

We approach this work through a lens of collaboration, decolonization and cultural sensitivity.