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Students spend years in school, preparing for careers they may later realize was not their true aspiration or talent. Others find themselves in occupations that are undergoing significant change -disruption. Had they had some good advice from an industry profession early on, they may have made important adjustments to their studies, saving time and money. Career mentoring support can help fill this gap. Ask the questions. We’ll help you find the answers.

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Pose the career-related questions that are on your mind.


We will help you tap into new insights through our networks of industry professionals.

Here are some common questions we often hear. You may have other ones. We’d love to hear them…

  • Is this really the career for me? 

  • What does a work day look like in this career? 

  • What is the future of this profession? 

  • What other courses do I need to reach my career goals? 

Ask away and see where it takes you…

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Terrace, BC

"The career mentoring support is really big for me and I’m really excited to have started that. I think everyone should be assigned a guidance counsellor from childhood on."

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"

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