You've Got This!

Brooklyn, Terrace, British Columbia

Vincent, Witset, British Columbia

Jackie, Northern British Columbia

Georgia D.

Prince Rupert, BC

“With Contact North BC and its supports, others like myself have an opportunity to finish schooling or enrol into programs that are online, or want to pursue in continuing their education”.

“Contact North helped me complete a program I was enrolled in and I was able to go into the Contact North building and participate in my program. If I needed assistance Alyssa was very helpful“.


Terrace, BC

"As a student in a remote rural community, it's a huge awesome opportunity to have access to the supports from Contact North BC and I'm super grateful to have them".

"With the online tutoring program, it’s amazing that I can get my ideas on paper and then have somebody proofread it with me and give me a second opinion".

"The career mentoring support is really big for me and I’m really excited to have started that. I think everyone should be assigned a guidance counsellor from childhood on".

"Right now I‘m doing a paid internship project for a company out in Toronto. It's geared toward mental health and connecting people with professionals all over Canada, such as lawyers, doctors and counsellors. And I started that last week so it's 5 hours a week for four months. And then I also just got contacted yesterday about a different internship that I had signed up for… more geared towards the work that I'm doing right now. I’m really looking forward to completing the two internships. It’s pretty cool. And when I finish them, I’ll have some great professional experience, plus I get paid $1400 for each one. Which is also nice".


Hazelton, BC

“The Contact North program has helped  bridge the gaps between young students like me and education, completing what is necessary to succeed; whether it be post-secondary programs or a high school diploma. I would not have had a chance finding the job I had if it weren’t for Contact North's assistance.”

“The Contac North program helped me have access to computers to update my resume. Most homes don't have access to computers or internet. It made it possible for me to apply for jobs. Also, it gave me the opportunity to take a couple of programs that Contact North had made available.“

Brooklyn W.

Coast Mountain College, BC

“Contact North and it’s support services is important because it provides increased access for indigenous communities and individuals to low barrier education. I think it also has the potential to serve communities that lack proper infrastructure to access these types of resource is otherwise.”

“I participated in the Riipen [work internship] project , which opened my eyes to programs like these and different opportunities to connect directly to employers and gain skills in areas in a ‘low-risk’ setting.”


Witset, BC

“If you want help, you should access these Contact North services and don’t be afraid to use them. I was kind of weary about it, I felt like I was not smart enough to learn the material myself, even enough to ask for help. But I came to a point where I absolutely needed help. The support from Contact North helped me big time, I probably wouldn’t be where I am without it.”


Telkwa, BC

“What I really found surprising and cool with the online tutoring was that I literally had doctors helping me with my care plans. I wasn’t limited to just nurses. It was shocking. I was like, why are you even on this tutoring site and going to help me, but then I'm like, whatever it doesn't matter, but you know they were super helpful. The book report I was doing, the online tutor had already done a research thing on it. What are the chances?”

Billy W.

Gitwangak, BC

As an Indigenous person, having recently returned to my home community of Gitwangak, BC, I wasn’t sure how I could stay in my community to contribute where I am needed, without sacrificing my education as a part-time student in the UBC indigenous studies program. Contact North BC, in collaboration with Q&A Innovations Online, provided me that opportunity.

First, they help me source two paid work projects through Riipen that are related to my area of interest and that I could complete from home. As a part-time student I have the time to be involved in other projects so it was a great fit. I look to gain experience and insight into the organizations I am working with. I will also be able to build my resume and acquire letters of reference which will help me with future opportunities. One of my projects is with Resonant Strategic where I am working within a group focusing on a comparison of best practices in downtown revitalization. Downtowns have been hollowed out in many North American cities due to the construction of big-box stores in the suburbs. Successful revitalization, in conjunction with evidence-based social programming, helps not further marginalize homeless people. Programs such as Mission Possible help to employ homeless people to do clean-up and build relationships with service providers that lead to permanent positions.

Second, Q&A provided me with access to tutoring services to support my studies from a distance. The tutoring has proven to be an invaluable resource. My experience has been one of prompt informative recommendations that have helped me with writing small assignments to larger essays. The turnaround time on writing assignments is much quicker than the options available at UBC. I look forward to utilizing the tutoring support for the rest of the semester.

Thank you to Contact North BC, Q&A Innovations and the BC Government for providing the opportunity to gain the experience and qualifications to further my educational journey and move toward my professional aspirations. T’oyaxsii’`niin

Jackie G.

Level UP Student

“As a full time student and someone with too many hobbies, it’s really great having a paying side job with the Work Internships, providing a little bit of a supplementary income. There’s something for everybody …lots of different companies and projects to choose from ...it's just a matter of finding the areas that you are interested in, that can help benefit you by gaining experience in the career path that you want. So go online and check it out. You have absolutely nothing to lose. It’s super easy to register for. It’s completely free. We are here to help each other succeed so check it out.”


Level UP Student

“I’m third generation born and raised in Prince Rupert. My friends down south are always messaging me about the cool opportunities they have. This was one of the first times I was able to do something that was bigger than my town, as in I worked with a successful Canadian company and students from all over Canada. We did some research about the company’s services and drafted a report, and then organized a conference for them. They gave me a reference letter that  was a great help getting my next job. I feel I made a real difference to the company. They also said they would consider hiring me when I’m done my schooling -not that I’m planning to move to Ontario but still. Overall, I feel more confident and definitely more excited about going to school.”

Zahra A.V.

Level UP Student

“I’ve learned how to figure out solutions to real challenges on my own, to work in teams, and be efficient. The project management and teamwork skills I gained were essential for me because I will definitely need them in the future. All of these were incredible benefits that make this Contact North program especially valuable for students.”

Christiaan F.

Level UP Student

“I am passionate about public health and the work of convincing the public to access health services. Having grown up in Terrace, in a family of health professionals, I was keen to get some professional experience of my own. This project gave me an absolute invaluable opportunity to learn to communicate in a team setting and work as a cohesive whole to make a difference.”

Aliya M.

Tutored Student

"I do homework at night and have lots going on all day. I basically need someone to help me when I run into problems, not the next day or next week. The tutoring was really good for that."

Brendan D.

Tutored Student

"I was wasting time staring at my assignment with no idea how to start it. Before I’d have to wait for the next class to get help and by then the assignment was late and I was usually discouraged anyway. Getting tutoring right when I was stuck was a game changer. I was able to just finish what I needed to do and move onto the next thing."

Jeannie C.

Contact North BC

“Having Contact North BC in our community is very important, we can pick from a variety of programs and courses and either part time or full time. I can’t believe how many courses are on line, and you can achieve a certificate or diploma and a bachelor’s degree. Our community is more than an hour away from a college, and in the winter that time can double. Taking a course online has meant saving on gas, time, mileage on my car and being able to still cook for my family, having an online course at my own speed, feels like I can juggle family and school with much more ease. Since I have found out what Contact North provides, I have been spreading the word, I love this option !!!”

D. K.

Tutored Student

"I’ve learned how to navigate the business world, how to work with business politics to get things done, and I’ve gained project management and teamwork skills. All these were incredible benefits that make this program especially valuable for students."

Northern Girl

Tutored Student

"The problem that lot of us have I think is that we feel dumb having to ask your instructor to re-explain something he already taught you. So you basically don’t bother. The tutoring was good for that. It’s just easier to get on and talk to someone that gets what your going through and can kind of just talk you through it. I definitely got help that I wouldn’t have."


Tutored Student

"Only used it once. But it was cool."


Tutored Student

"I was nervous to get on there, but you guys kept messaging me to try it. So finally I just went for it. My tutor was awesome -super nice person. And then after that I kept going back to her. I think we had a good bond. I just get it when she explains it. Sad if the free tutoring ends."


Tutored Student

"For me the tutoring was important. I honestly can’t understand the classes and I can’t figure out a lot of things on my own. My girlfriend was looking into tutoring before all this but the price was way up there. Like 50 an hour. Who has that kind of cash? Anyway, this thing saved my butt a few times. Thanks for the hand."

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"