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Q&A Innovations (Q&A Canada) brings together some of the best academic and career supports to help post-secondary students achieve academic and career success.

Our Mission

To support peer-to-peer-to-mentor learning and networking using high impact innovations in online technologies, with the goal of lifting learners and building the professionals of the future; towards resiliency, equity and a long term sustainable economy.

Bringing together the online support services you need, on-demand, anywhere, anytime, to help you achieve academic and career success.

  • 24/7 Live Online On-Demand Tutoring Support

  • (WIL) Get Work Experience as a Student

  • Unlimited Access to Career Mentors

  • Paid Work Projects

  • Improve your grades

  • Improve your career pursuits

  • Be prepared for the workforce when you graduate

  • Discover your career passion early

  • Become a paid Tutor

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Critical new innovations are needed to bridge the gaps

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